Sketches I did for the Monsters AU when Johnny and Sulley were a thing yeh.

Sulley gets his official frat letterman, from Johnny, which is when they start becoming friends.

Johnny has one if the highest scores at City Crushers, but he’s completely frustrated that he’s losing to Sulley. Closer now.

Johnny and Sulley decided to use one of the open rooms during a party to have a quickie. They’ve gone out for a month and it’s Sulley’s first time.

The scene where Sulley is going to take the scare final in the movie. The relationship is a bit sour at this point.

Sulley and Johnny put the relationship on hold due to the Scare Games. Johnny is a bit annoyed at Sulley’s duty to the OKs while they’re supposed to be dating, and Sulley was even more livid and felt betrayed by the Cute-ma Kappa prank.